Article: The Singaraja Montessori School (SMS) offers learning in a world class environment using the Montessori Method which is a hands on method enabling children to become active learners. The school provides high quality education that empowers students to become confident learners and responsible members of society. SMS is a Bi-lingual school with Indonesian as its primary language of instruction and English as its secondary language. SMS follows the National Plus curriculum. Children are born curious, creative and are motivated to observe and learn things, with reinforcement being the only effective way to motivate students to become well educated. Montessori children learn from one another as much as from adults, and collaborate rather than compete for honors and grades. It is this very philosophy that inspired us at SMS to open a Montessori school to provide children with an environment that is safe, interesting and conducive to learning. Children learn best by doing, so while manipulating materials children are learning and not only playing as perceived by most adults.

SMS aims to make learning fun for children while allowing them to explore without limitations. The main goal of the Singaraja Montessori School is to provide a stimulating, child oriented environment that children can explore and touch, and learn in without fear. An understanding parent or teacher is a large part of this child’s world. The end result is to encourage life-long learning, the joy of learning, and happiness about one’s path and purpose in life. Besides learning in the class room using the Montessori materials, extracurricular activities are: Traditional and Modern Dance, Music, Speech and Drama classes. Sports and swimming lessons are given on Fridays. The Head-teacher at Singaraja Montessori School is Poonam Nanwani. Poonam is a highly trained and officially certified Montessori teacher who graduated from the Indian Montessori Centre, Bangalore, India. She continued her training with The North American Montessori Centre in Canada. Poonam went on to work at several international schools including the Forest International School, Mareil Marly, France where she worked as a Pre-Primary teacher and IPC Coordinator.

She also worked at The Netherlands International School in Jakarta, the Gandhi Memorial International School Jakarta and the Gandhi Montessori School in Jakarta. At the Singaraja Montessori School classroom Poonam is assisted by Widia Helena a graduate from the Pendidikan Ganesha University in Singaraja. Open Days starting on April 5 between 9:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 15:00 hours. Jalan Gunung Rinjani Blok II Nomor 2 Kelurahan Banjar Tegal Singaraja Telephone: 081 239 11 6457

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