Article: Tasya Bag Shop in Lovina The new year means reinvention for a lot of people, and luckily with fashion, you can reinvent yourself anytime. But if you aren’t the kind of person that shops obsessively and cleans out their closet monthly, now could be a good time for a revamp―and a new bag might be an easy place to start. When Tasya opened it’s first shop in Singaraja we were happy we could finally shop for a bag in the area, instead of having to travel to The South.

Two shops in SingarajalaterLovina also has its own Tasya shop. easily reachable on the main road from Singaraja to Seririt just opposite the mosquein Kaliasem,. From the outside the shop looks small but it is deep and actually rather large. They offer a wide rangeincluding bags for work and travel, handbags, diaper bags, school bags, backpacks, money belts, suitcases, wallets – and they come in all sizes and shapes. We never leave the shop without having found what we were looking for and the price&quality range is excellent. Personally, I have travelled extensively withTasya’s backpacks overseveral years. We have to congratulate the owner of the shop for the diversity of the collection. Young children can come in and shop for a nice backpack for school,andyou’ll easily find a nice purse for woman also. Prices are friendly and if you check them outregularly you will often find a bargain discounted item that is to your liking. The nice thing about the shop is the fact that it caters to so many needs. School children of the local community, tourists looking for a souvenir, or travelers who need a suitcase or travel bag.

The travel bags and suitcases are really worth checking out, either hardtop or soft top they are comfortable of good quality and look good. My personal preferences are the duffle bags in various sizes. I had wanted to have one for some time but always thought they were too expensive in England where I am from. Thanks to Tasya I now have my duffle bag, and a nice collection of other bags for different occasions and they did not cost a thousand pounds each! Tasyashopis open everydayfrom8 am to9 pm. Addressis over the road from the mosquein Kaliasem,Lovina,Bali. Phone: 0362 42100

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