Article: By I Made SusantaDwitanaya The Art patio did it again! Since the Art Patio opened its doors two years ago it has hosted one beautiful art exhibition after another. The current exhibition features sculptures and paintings in different media. We spoke with I Made SusantaDwitanaya who showed us around the gallery. Seven sculptors involved in this exhibition presents works with a choice of different material. Metals are used by GedeSuryawan and Dadung Novella Sandi, ceramics by Gusti Edi Basudewa, metal bottle caps by KomangWikrama, wood by ApriliaSaputra and KadekAryaGunawan, rubber tires from Made Santika Putra. The materials used by artists in a sculptural masterpieceare an interesting aspectto be observed, besidesthe issues ofartistic form andvalue. In the world of art we often hear that the medium is the message and indeedthere are variousaspectsthatcanbe tracked.

Everychoice of material, whether natural or synthetic, will presenta distinct impression leading tomultilayerednarratives. These narrativesand impressions relatetoculturalvalues. Wood, clay andmetalarenatural materials, andplastic, rubber, fiberandaresynthetic materials. Theircharacteristicswill createimpressions, andwhena cultural context is added it can create a narrative. Wood, for example, hascharacteristics of warmth, naturalnessorperhapsfragility. Likewiseclayandceramiccreatesan elegantimpression but can bevulnerable.In contrast, metalisstrongandrigid. Then recycled objectssuchrubbershowflexibilityand perhapsartificiality. When viewedfromthe context of cultural valueswe may be able to construct meaning sor impressions that resulted from the choice of materials. Wood example, if viewedin the context of Balinese cultural values will have adistinct meaning.

The issue of material selection will also affect the selection of techniques that will be used to execute a work. So, what do we conclude? In this context their workmaycarrya moresublimemessage. Some works arefixated onthe issue ofthe form itself. But much of the interestcomes back to theissue ofmaterial selection and this exhibition provides many aspects to explore. In that sense, consciousness ofthe choice of a particularmaterial will be complemented byan understandingof the cultural narrativethat can beexploredagain. Thisexhibitionshows thatthere is noclass divisiononcertainmaterialsin sculpture. Itcanprovideanunderstanding ofhowa materialscan beexploitedtofind alanguage that the sculptor can use. The Art Patio is located at the main road Singaraja-Seririt in the village of Kaliasem.

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