We build custom made in- and above ground pools for an affordable price

Since our pools are not manufactured but build on site, swimming pool prices vary, depending on the choice of size and tiling, and natural circumstances.

It is not possible to give pool prices through our website but if you e-mail us with your swimming pool plans we can give you an estimate price.

Lovina Villa Property helps you customizing your swimming pool plans.
This can be done through our office, or through e-mail correspondence.

How it works:

Four easy steps to building a swimming pool with our Company

First, you choose or design a pool shape and pool deck
After this you choose aesthetic enhancements
Then we do the pricing accordingly to your swimming pool plans
And then we build your pool for you

The actual building process will take approximately one month. In the case of you being not in the area while the pool building is going on, we will keep you updated with regular emails with photos about the construction process. Pools come with a one year warranty.

Pool Shapes

Choose a custom pool or a free form pools.

We help you tailoring the pool to your site and landscape plan

Click on any of the pictures below to enlarge.

Pool decks:

For your pool deck it is important to imagine if you would like the area to be sunny or shady. The area should not be too small since pool deck chairs take a lot of space and generally are moved around the pool deck during the day.

Tiling and further aesthetic enhancements:

The times that all pools were rectangle with light bleu tiling is long behind us. Pools can come in all forms and shapes and colors.
Choosing the aesthetic enhancements you like can make all the difference.

Sustainable Building

We work together with our very own in house architect to produce top quality homes whilst being conscious of the planet. I Gusti Bagus Ngurah Dipta Negara graduated from the  Architecture Department at the University of Udayana, Denpasar.

Lovina Bali Property uses natural, local materials such as teakwood to build custom homes. The ecological footprint is taken into consideration for each project. We care about the environment and do whatever it takes to minimize our impact.

Giving back


We are grateful for the communities we work and live in. Our success is largely dependant on our surroundings. Because of this, we like to give back to our local community. We donate a percentage of our profits to the Singaraja Montessori School. We support the Montessori school because we believe high-quality education is necessary for the development of better economic circumstances in our local area.

Check out the school here.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more information! 

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