Excellent and absolute beach front villa In Dencarik Lovina

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This Villa is on the market and the owner wrote the following text for it: Take note that nowhere in the house are there any steps or other obstacles. This makes the whole property rollator friendly throughout! The whole outlay of this villa is answerable to a common European safety rule for buildings covered with grass or flammable materials in case of fire. A bedroom for instance, should have at least two separate in or outgoing doors. Such as an easy to open double-door directly to the outside of the building, as is the case with this villa design. More detailed info explaining the other photos are available to anyone interested. 
To top it all off, the property currently has Four, very Experienced staff with 16 years service behind them, who, are all willing to stay on with a new owner. Komang as the major domo, is also an excellent driver, he can bring you safely anywhere on the island using your own six-seater car that is included in the sale price of the property. There is even a beaut of a very seaworthy alum dinghy complete with outboard motor, should you be interested.
Make this property the jewel on the crown of your working life!
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