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The Fine Asian Food Corner in Lovina

Article: The Fine Asian Food corner in Lovina The Asian food corner of Jalan Binaria is hidden in a small side street just off Jalan Binaria which is the street leading to the Dolphin statue in Kalibukbuk. 1. The first Asian kid on the block was Jasmine Kitchen, the...

Konversi dan loncat pagar at ‘Art Patio’

Article: Konversi dan loncat pagar at ‘Art Patio’ An exhibition showing the work of UNDIKSHA’s 2016 art faculty graduates Students of the art education faculty of Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (UNDIKSHA) in Singaraja presented their graduation work(s) in an...

Ornamental Fish Breeding

Article: An interview with Made Partiana from Les An interview with BliEka, fisherman and environmentalist. The coastal village of Les lies about 31 kilometers east of Singaraja. The majority of the population makes a living from selling fish. The fishermen of the...

Bengkala Village in North Bali

Article: Nearly all villages on the island of Bali have culture and arts that are in some way unique.An outstanding example is the village of Bengkala in North Bali. The characteristic that makes it really different is the high proportion of deaf-mute people – the...

The Singaraja Montessori School (SMS)

Article: The Singaraja Montessori School (SMS) offers learning in a world class environment using the Montessori Method which is a hands on method enabling children to become active learners. The school provides high quality education that empowers students to become...

The Bale Agung Temple in the village of Julah

Article: The Bale Agung Temple in the village of Julah, North Bali. A unique ancient village with a unique history told by Ketut Sideman, caretaker of the temple. The village of Julah must be one of the oldest villages in Norh Bali. It is located at 29 kilometers east...

NapakTilas; Commemorating Sukarno

Article: NapakTilas; commemorating Sukarno A little rain couldn't stop one man from walking the streets of Bulelengto raise awareness for a good cause.People in the Lovina area took notice of the little man with the bright eyes, making his way from west to east,...

Growing Grapes in North Bali

Article: Growing grapes in north Bali North Bali is an area where we find diverse agriculture and plantations. Over the years The Lovina Pages paid visits to a colorful pallet of farmers, young and old ones using modern or traditional ways of farming, noting down...

Bubunan Shows its Culture!

Article: Visitors to the small village of Bubunan, near Seririt, last week were overwhelmed with the talent on display as the local gamelan orchestras (male and female) and members of the Pentas Marak Lestari studio put on two nights of performances. The music and...


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